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Ordering Information:

To Place An Order simply select the year and then find the rodeo, select the event and click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to order. The photo will pop-up with options for you to choose from. Fill out the information and the order will be emailed to us or you can choose to mail your printed order form along with a check to our address. This option may increase the time it takes for your order to be sent to you. We will wait for your check to clear the bank before completing your order.

We have photos on file from 2005 to present available upon request. If we don't have the year of your rodeo online, simply contact us to find out how you can view the images. We will be happy to set something up for you to view. Just ask us!

Please allow up to 4 weeks after your payment is received for your order. During the summer rodeo season it may be longer as I am on the road for weeks at a time.

All photos will be color corrected and sharpened prior to printing. Effective 01 July 2008 all Washington State sales will pay local sales tax rates, based on their ship to address. The online order may not show the correct sales tax information but it will be adjusted based on your local tax rate. Prices subject to change without notice.

Copyright Information:

Please click on the Copyright information link at the top of the page to see more complete information on Copyright law and our policies.

All Images including those on this Website are protected by REGISTERED Copyright in accordance with Section 17 US Code and International Copyright Statutes. 2005-2015 Al Berger / Cunningham Studio and Pro Rodeo Pix . All Rights Reserved.

Without a proper written release or license from Al Berger, Cunningham Studio or Pro Rodeo Pix , you are not permitted to use ANY images from Al Berger / Pro Rodeo Pix including but not limited to images from this website for any reason or purpose whatsoever including but not limited to: advertising, brochures, editorial publications, multimedia presentations, websites or even Facebook or MySpace pages. If you feel a need to copy one of these images or make copies an image you have purchased from me, DON'T. It is against the Law to do so without my written permission. Ask for additional copies or ask for permission to use the image in the manner you wish to use it.

I make my living only by producing images for sale. Please respect my work and my rights. It will cost you less than copyright infringement will cost. Federal Copyright Statues allow a $150,000.00 penalty plus attorney's fees per violation on our copyrighted work. All our images are copyrighted from the moment of creation and REGISTERED in accordance with Federal Copyright Law.

Al Berger, Cunningham Studio and Pro Rodeo Pix , offers up to a $1000.00 reward for information resulting in a conviction for violations of our copyrighted material.

Be smart, please get written permission before using our images! Thank you for your understanding. We do appreciate your business.

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